I am an artist and facilitator most concerned with creating caring spaces that nurture reflection and dialogue to work towards personal and social transformation. I’m excited about finding abundant and playful entry-points towards the kind of creative-thinking that fuels radical imagination. I look to nature as teacher for how we can learn to be with each other differently, and learn new ways of showing up for each other. My support of social-emotional learning is at the service of healing justice: believing personal growth opens portals to new possibilities in collective liberation. What is the underlying need? What if we addressed the underlying trauma that prevents us from showing up fully and with care for each other?

Personal Practice:

Where in my body have I tucked pieces of the land?

How do I regenerate the wilds within my body? 

What changes in me in a changing climate?

Through assemblage of natural and discarded materials, poetics, and facilitating collective educational experiences in nature, I play with ideas of magic, memory, eco-grief, and collective care through investigating phenology, the study of cycles and seasons in a changing climate. I look to myth and language to make and manipulate meaning from ecological processes and phenomena, orienting closely towards interconnected ecologies and that which is regenerative within them.

Attuning to my internal landscape, I connect to metaphors of habitat fragmentation, while also looking to what the wild can teach me in healing, belonging, and resiliency. Through the practice of moving my body to fit a landscape, I seek to return to the body through a return to the land. I cultivate connection to nature in community through horticultural therapy practices and collective art-making.